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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who is Lowell Handmade?

Hi, my name is Anne! My husband Alex and I started this blog about a year ago shortly after moving to Lowell. With the design help of our friend Roberto and some web advice from Doug, we set out to create an awesome place to connect the arts & cultural community in Lowell, MA!  We recognized that there were a ton of great resources and organizations already established in our city, but that so many people didn't know about them because they weren't taking advantages of the latest SEO features and RSS feed possibilities.  Since we could create something and make it whatever we wanted, we decided to create an online blog & resource site that would connect all of the arts & culture dots in one place.  Since our wonderful friends Liz and Marianne already had cool blogs that used names we were interested in, we decided to call ours Lowell Handmade.

We're all quite busy people with our own separate businesses and priorities, so we update this blog when we can (which I feel is never enough).  To date, everything that has been put into this blog has been done by volunteering our own time & talent.  We would LOVE to be able to turn this blog into a full time job for someone, but first we need to find the right person who shares our vision for collaboration, open source development, and social media along with our love of Lowell.  We think it would be cool if they got paid to do it someday too.

I've set up a donation button on the side of the blog so that we can eventually hire someone to maintain the Lowell Handmade mission online.  If it were the primary responsibility for a totally hip and cool person, we know it could be way more awesome than it already is and that we could actually attract things like ad revenue to keep it running.  We could even pay for things like posters and postcards to help connect all of those people who are a little less internet savvy but know where to find a good cup of coffee.  If you know of someone who's blog/CSS savvy and has the desire to stay in touch with all things Lowell that involve art, music, film, food, dance, theatre, cultural events, etc., please let them know we need them.  Even if they could just volunteer a little time and talent to help us support what we've already got going, we would be so grateful for any help they could give!!

Our long term goal with Lowell Handmade is to create a physical space in Lowell that serves as a haven for Public Art & Culture Experiences and Education.  A place that builds a sense of community, where people can come together to help each other out, and where everyone is valued for their individual and unique talents.  Right now it seems like a big dream, but we know that with the help of the right people, it can become a reality.  So, you're probably thinking, how can YOU help?  By sharing this blog with everyone you know.  "It takes a village"... so first, we need a village that cares about Art & Culture in Lowell and thinks this idea is awesome enough to tell all their friends about.  Feel free to take this little postcard image and put it on your blog, email it, facebook it, whatever.  Every little bit helps!  We sincerely thank you for reading and for caring.  The world needs more people like you!

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