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Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Positions at The Revolving Museum

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Join our Communications Team!

November 5, 2010
The Revolving Museum has two Commonwealth Corps service positions available. Become part of a vibrant team of dedicated individuals working to improve the Lowell community through art. These two service members will work closely with TRM staff, other Commonwealth Corps members, participants and community partners to build an extensive communication network. Work in a creative and fun environment that empowers youth and builds community.

Communications Networks Coordinator

Work with TRM staff and other Commonwealth Corps members to establish a consistent, effective plan to increase communications to the Lowell community, to the general public and between program participants using social networking, on-line tools, blogs and websites.

Work with youth participants to encourage and promote youth dialogue; work with staff to improve messaging and communications with the general public; explore creative ways to communicate TRM activities and programs that are self-sustaining.

Monitor TRM equipment and make recommendations for improvements in technology and/or new methods of communication that improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Encourage TRM youth participant dialogue that is self-generating; foster community dialogue around TRM’s mission of building community through art; reach out to other audiences aligned with the TRM mission to expand the communication network.

The candidate should have experience with Dream Weaver software, Adobe Suite software, Face Book and You Tube.

Visual Communications Coordinator

Work with TRM staff and other Commonwealth Corps members to develop a plan to capture and document the mission of TRM in images with the purpose of increasing TRM’s impact in the Lowell community.

Capture visual documentation through digital images, video and graphic design. Maintain visual library. Work closely with Communication Networks Manager to create visual elements that will be used in communications networks. Utilize recruits to meet program goals.

Monitor TRM equipment and make recommendations for improvements in technology. Share knowledge of visual documentation, manipulation and design with staff, other Commonwealth Corps members and program participants.

Produce print media, on-line magazines, videos and other products that illustrate TRM’s mission in images.

The candidate should be familiar with Adobe Suite software, photography and videography.

These two service positions are part of Massachusetts' Commonwealth Corps program which promotes citizen service to non profit agencies. These are not employment positions. Each selected member will be paid $5,000 over the course of 12 months, in regular intervals, and will complete 800 service hours. If 800 hours are completed by August 31, 2011, each member will receive a bonus of $900. To learn more about the Commonwealth Corps program please visit http://www.mass-service.org/investing/commonwealth.php. If interested, please respond to Diane Testa at dtesta@revolvingmuseum.org.

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