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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Newsletter


Make a Wish

Call For Entries


Celebrate Election Day
Tue Nov
3, 6:30 pm, $15
with Dinner & A Movie

 DJ Spooky's
 Rebirth of a Nation

Tribal Celebration
Thu Nov 5, 8 pm                 

James Stonoha     
 Fri Nov 6, 8pm                

Thu Nov 12, 7pm, UML

Fri Nov 13, 8pm, $5

Slasher Risk + Grass Hopper 
Electro Psycho Jazz  
Sat Nov 14, 8pm, $5

Andreas Kapsalis Trio
Mon Nov 16, 8pm, UML, $5-10

Todd Merrell
Fri Nov 20, 8pm                   
5 Bands for 5 Bucks - 

Sat Nov 21, 7:30pm, $5          

Sat Nov 28, 7pm, $5

Check our calendar for details & prices
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TST Workshop
Sun Nov 8, 3:30pm
Registration $30-50, sliding scale

Contact:  jeanwinslow@msn.com
for workshop info.

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Call for Entries
Material is Language: 119 Gallery 's Fifth Annual Juried Show
Entry deadline: Nov 17, 5 pm.

Juror:  Nick Capasso, Senior Curator, deCordova Sculpture Park + Museum
Exhibit Dates: Nov 25-Dec 20.
Reception:  Dec 5, 3-6 pm
Entry Fee: $40 for non-members. If you are not a gallery member, or your membership has expired, the entry fee is $40, which entitles you to Creative Level membership and exhibition in the 2010 annual members show.
See www.119gallery.org for submission requirements.
Make a Wish
through Nov. 14
Tue-Sat, 12noon - 5 pm

A three-channel video projection, Make a Wish by Denis Dumas combines images of thunder storms and water with an accompanying soundtrack of voiced concerns to envelop the gallery in an electrical storm of uncertainty. Watery surfaces spill with a myriad of visions that form a layered collage of contemporary troubles. Mixing real and virtual imagery, Dumas creates multiple points of view that redefine domestic, political, ecological, social, and economic ideas.

"My work addresses psychologically charged situations, while exploring the language and its inventive uses, to visually translate aspects of human behaviour and consciousness. This takes form in the metaphorical situations I create, in which I perform, film, or use my sculptures as theatre or as actors." - Dumas

Dumas' installation is intended to empower us eliciting our resolve in the face of real and conjured threats. Like the artist, we are to summon our own sense of individual identity as a rudder to navigate through confusing circumstances and environments.

A Canadian sculptor and multi-media artist, Denise Dumas investigates boundaries and identity. As an immigrant, she is keenly aware of the borders and intersections of cultural, social and political interaction. Dumas believes that reality changes according to the environment and social context that we inhabit. She finds that current economic ills and political fears have created an insidious climate of insecurity that permeates our daily lives. Dumas' video installation is a metaphor for this troubled climate, her stormy environment mirroring the unsettling times in which we live.

After graduating from Quebec Beaux-Arts, Dumas attended the Sir John Cass College of Art in London, and Saint-Martin's School where she studied Anthony Caro, Tim Scott, and Philip King. She has an MFA in Creation from the University of Quebec. Dumas has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Canada and in the United States and has received grants and awards from the Canada Council and the Quebec Ministry of Communication and Culture, the SODAC, and from the New Hampshire Council on the Arts. She lives in Wilton, NH, and teaches at UMass Lowell.
Dinner & A Movie
Tue Nov 3 6:30pm, $15
Rebirth of a Nation, DJ Spooky's remix of the DW Griffith classic.

Tribal Celebration

Thu Nov 5 8pm
This autumn, Sikhara return to the road in the USA and Europe to support a holy trinity of new releases. Their newest effort, "IV War Haka," is an epic tale of tribal war, invoking the warrior spirit of the Maori and Benin voodoo magic. Also available will be a live album on Oklahoma's Anti-Clock, captured during radio broadcasts for KFKC and WFMU.And finally, after over a year in the making, Sikhara unveil their first DVD, a film with music from each of the three album and documenting travel across 3 continents. www.sikhara.orgwww.urckrecords.com

James Stonoha & friends
Fri, November 6, 8pm
Where119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell MA (map)
DescriptionJames Stonoha - voice, guitar + Gaetana Brown - voice, guitar + RAM (all girl band) + Transgressions: Ben Farley - guitar (?), Setheyny Pen - toys, Walter Wright - analog synths & video.

Thu Nov 12 7-8 pm, Free
O'Leary Library, Room 222, UMass Lowell
Life. Support. MusicParker Lecture Series In August 2004, Jason Crigler, one of New York City's most sought-after guitarists, suffered a brain hemorrhage during a concert in Manhattan. That night at the hospital, the doctors told Jason's family-if he makes it through the night, there won't be much left of him. Jason's wife, Monica, pregnant at the time, froze. "Everything completely stopped. I forgot all about the pregnancy. I think I left my body. I remember thinking, 'This cannot be true. I cannot go on without Jason.'" Days passed, and Jason's family was forced to accept the new dark reality at hand. But they refused to accept the dark future described by doubtful doctors. So in the face of wrenching despair and horrifying odds, the Criglers made a resolution-Jason will make a full recovery. And thus began the long, grueling, implausible and mystifying journey chronicled in Life. Support. Music. 

Fri Nov 13, 8pm, $5 Donation
Diagram A, Shawn Greenlee, Jamesamoeba, A Snake in the Garden, Brandon Terzakis.

Slasher Risk + Grass Hopper
Electro Psycho Jazz
Sat Nov 14 8pm, $5 Donation
Slasher Risk is the improvisational duo of Sara Cavic and Andy Borsz.Primarily using guitars, drums, and electronics the two have forged a noisy and multifaceted psychedelic sound among the New York experimental music scene. Since inception in 2006 the duo has performed nearly 100 live shows across the Eastern United States, Europe, and Japan. They have played shows and festivals with Nihilist Spasm Band, Suishou No Fune, Excepter, Sightings, Magik Markers, Blues Control, Skaters, Axolotl, and members of Mouthus and Double Leopards. Regarding the duo's live show Impose Magazine editors recently declared it "the best live fuck-all insane feedback seance in NYC today" and WFMU's Marty McSorley poetically noted "watching Slasher Risk play is like watching them blow up an old Vegas casino."

Grasshopper's Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod's behemoth answer to "jazz infused" experimental electronic music. Using trumpets, EVI, and a modest amount of electronics the duo warp classical and traditional instrument sound sources into otherworldly drones and peaking waves of pulsating electric mire. They have shared stages with the likes of Graveyards, John Wiese, Noveller, Ducktails, Nonhorse, John Fell Ryan, Grey Skull, and Telecult Powers among others. The two have performed in classical ensembles across the U.S. as well as in Canada, Western Europe, Scandinavia, and Africa.

Jamie Malone Cabaret

Mon Nov 16, 8pm  

Lowell Poetry Network
Thu Nov 19 6:30pm, $3
Reading by featured poet Mark DeCarteret followed by an open mic. Mark DeCarteret was born in Lowell. He is the Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, NH. He has been the featured poet at many local and regional poetry events including the Portsmouth Poetry Hoot and Jazzmouth: The Seacoast Poetry and Jazz Festival. A graduate of Emerson College, DeCarteret earned his MFA at U of New Hampshire in 1993. He currently serves on the faculty of the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Boston Poet Laureate, Sam Cornish describes DeCarteret as "a poet of considerable intellect" and having "the possibility of becoming a major American poet." $3 donation cover the cost of the snacks.

Todd Merrel
Fri Nov 20, 8pm, $5 Donation
 Todd Merrel- short wave radio, Marc Bisson - prepared guitar, Mike Funaiole - analog synth , Jack Wright - sax, Kevin Frenette - guitar, Kit Demos - bass,
John McLellan - drums

5 Bands for 5 Bucks
Sat Nov 21, 7:30 pm, $5
Ram www.myspace.com/ramx3aries (A trio of beautiful Aries women playing a very electrified New York punk style) Residents of Mortville (no web presence, but there are a few videos on youtube) (A very raw no wave style with a constantly shifting setup) Itheye http://www.myspace.com/itheye (Spaced out noise bringing joy to every brain it touches) Ununi http://www.myspace.com/ununi (Jazzy, noisy, rock and roll with more energy than their amps) Kermit's Finger: http://www.myspace.com/kermitsfinga (Loud Boston punk with none of the fashion traps) Black Steel Peacock: http://www.myspace.com/blacksteelpeacock (Confrontation pushed out of a speaker)

Sat Nov 28, 7pm
Bands: Teaadora Nikolova, Gaetana Brown, Bethany D, Quilt, Omnivore! Motel Matches, Goldengirls, Ladderlegs

119 Gallery promotes contemporary and new media art, innovative ideas and cutting-edge techniques with a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, performances and community-based arts services. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and means to explore and experience new, innovative art.
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