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Monday, March 15, 2010

Come Discover the Wonder of Art at Western Ave Studios

Although not quite endearing on the outside, Western Ave Studios is a wonderland of it's own on the inside. Symbolically coinciding with Lowell, Western Ave Studios may not appeal to the eye from afar, but upon entering, the discoveries and endless adventures are enthralling.

A tiny gem hidden in some of the rubble of Lowell--off of School St--is a haven for over 150 artists. Every first Saturday of the month, these artists open their doors to share their art with the public. From photography to intricately designed handmade jewelry, Western Ave Studios features an array of aesthetic pleasures.

Aside from endless hallways of art, Western Ave Studios also includes The Space, a place where musicians can come, work, record, practice, hang out, or simply sip coffee at the studio's delicious cafe. Open mic nights are also featured at The Space.

Care to learn some artistic skills yourself? A selection of artists from Western Ave Studios offer art classes regularly. From cartooning to pottery, there is much to choose from.

Unfortunately, like many of the other festive, cultural, and arts driven events that occur throughout the city; not many people are aware of this free, open art event that goes on every month!

Fear not. Lowell Handmade is striving to put an end to this. As a community, Lowell Handmade is getting the word out there while bringing together all local artists and craftsman of the Greater Lowell area. Lowell is bustling with culture and arts that are not being as recognized as they should be. From poetry readings to local bands; art exhibits to film festivals, there is always something to indulge in.

Be sure to check out the next open house at Western Ave Studios: April 3 from 12pm-5pm.

Until then, here's a sneak preview...


Art by Barbara Fletcher

Art by Margot Stage

Art by Greg Marion

Art by Candace Mangin-Barnes

Written & Photographed by Tiffanie Roper, Tiffanie_Roper@ student.uml.edu

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